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"Show Me The Money!"

"Show Me The Money!"

Classic Corvette ownership has one very amazing advantage: do it right, and owning / driving the greatest sports car produced in America is free.

How this is possible is based on the simple theory that a desirable work of art, for which the demand exceeds the supply, will appreciate. Do a good job of purchasing the right car and make good choices during your ownership and the asset will climb in value.

There are some rules that must be followed to attain this automotive enthusiast nirvana. To start with, driving is limited as a lot of miles added will detract from the value, both in terms of overall miles and the wear and tear that accompanies heavy usage. You also must maintain it such that as the years go by, the condition is at least preserved or improved upon.

Those with a business background may argue the point. They'll point out that there are many costs that are often ignored such as storage, taxes and labor. All valid points of course, but it is still possible to own a very special automobile and come out a $$ winner.

With all that as a background, I'll be keeping a blog of the expenses incurred in the course of owning a 1968 Corvette convertible

December-00-0000 $0.00
December-00-0000 $0.00
June-08-2011 Original owner 1968 Safari Yellow Corvette Convertible $21,000.00
June-08-2011 Department of Motor Vehicles Sales tax and DMV fees $2,063.00
June-08-2011 Mercury Insurance, annual $409.00
July-16-2011 Mike Bradley's Automotive Inspection / Evaluation $109.45
July-16-2011 Mike Bradley's Automotive Oil Seal $38.40
July-16-2011 Mike Bradley's Automotive Front brake calipers $365.50
July-16-2011 Mike Bradley's Automotive Bearing $17.98
July-16-2011 Mike Bradley's Automotive Race $8.41
July-16-2011 Mike Bradley's Automotive Bearing $17.25
July-16-2011 Mike Bradley's Automotive Seal $20.82
July-16-2011 Mike Bradley's Automotive Grease Seals $21.86
July-16-2011 Mike Bradley's Automotive Headlight switch $89.90
July-16-2011 Mike Bradley's Automotive Spring pad bushing $29.85
July-16-2011 Mike Bradley's Automotive Brake caliper / machine front rotors (labor) $218.90
July-16-2011 Mike Bradley's Automotive Rebuild speedometer / odometer / tachometer $500.00
July-16-2011 Mike Bradley's Automotive Remove / install speedometer / tachometer (labor) $248.75
July-16-2011 Mike Bradley's Automotive Replace left rear axle bearings and seal (labor) $208.95
July-16-2011 Mike Bradley's Automotive Replace headlight switch (labor) $39.80
July-16-2011 Mike Bradley's Automotive Shipping $9.50
July-16-2011 Mike Bradley's Automotive Replace rear spring pad bushings / cut off right bolt and replace $139.30
July-16-2011 Mike Bradley's Automotive Right rear spring pad bolt & nut $14.75
November-07-2011 Zip Corvette Reproduction inside mirror + Miscellaneous $142.60
November-07-2011 Zip Corvette Key Fob $8.95
November-07-2011 Zip Corvette Black Vinyl Floor Mats $32.95
November-07-2011 Zip Corvette Quartz Clock $169.95
November-07-2011 Zip Corvette Seat Mount Shim Kit w/bag $30.00
November-07-2011 Zip Corvette Shipping / Handling $34.74
February-19-2012 CA DMV Personalized Plates \"SFRI YLW\" $49.00
February-25-2012 Mike Bradley's Automotive Oil, Oil Filter, Zinc Additive $38.31
February-25-2012 Mike Bradley's Automotive Carb rebuild kit / Fuel filter / Float $75.25
February-25-2012 Mike Bradley's Automotive Carb rebuild labor / installation / adjustment $218.90
March-12-2012 Mike Bradley\'s Automotive Rear Brake Calipers $359.20
March-12-2012 Mile Bradley's Automotive Labor - Rear Brake Caliper Repair $199.00
March-17-2012 Pep Boys Bosch Battery 24-700B $117.04
May-12-2012 Mike Bradley's Automotive Brake Master Cylinder / Fluid $96.47
May-12-2012 Mike Bradley's Automotive Brake Master Cylinder Labor $119.40
November-20-2012 Paul Wustrack Oil pan gasket; radiator cap; thermostat $37.18
November-20-2012 CSSB Inc Deluxe Front End Rebuild Kit stage III p/n SU01B_68 1 with POLY VV-SU00B_68; polyurethane bushings $360.00
November-30-2012 Paul Wustrack Labor: Front end rebuild; oil change; valve cover gasket; exhaust gasket; oil pan gasket; oil pan repair; miscellaneous items. $1,425.00
November-30-2012 Paul Wustrack Oil / Filter $35.23
November-30-2012 Paul Wustrack Exhaust Gasket $0.00
November-30-2012 Paul Wustrack Shocks, Center Links $200.00
December-01-2012 Service Tire Company Four wheel alignment $80.00
March-12-2013 Zip-Corvette 67-69 Steering Column Coupler - Lower w/Rag Joint $99.99
April-15-2013 Paul Wustrack Labor - install steering couple, misc. front end / steering work $150.00
April-20-2013 AutoZone Header Gasket $21.95
May-09-2013 Summit Racing BFG SILVERTOWN REDLINE TIRE x 4 $960.95
May-14-2013 Service Tire Co. Mount, balance four tires, four wheel alignment $180.00
June-13-2013 Eckler's Corvette Seat Back Pivot Screw, 1963-1970 Early; Seat Pivot Screw Washers, 1963-1978 $15.97
June-24-2013 Dave - Corvette Boneyard 1969 steering wheel, reproduction horn button, salvaged horn switch, misc. steering wheel adapter parts $275.00
August-09-2013 Paul Wustrack Labor - installation of steering wheel $50.00
February-01-2014 J&D Corvette Labor: align alternator and bolt to head properly: $95; align alternator and bolt to head properly: $145; replace fan clutch: $35; speedo cable: $95; diff. service: $49.50; trans oil service: 449.50; adjust shifter linkage: $55.10; oil / lube / filter: $20 $544.10
February-01-2014 J & D Corvette alternator belt: $16.95; alternator bracket (used): $69; water pump: $89.99; coolant: $25; lower radiator hose: $27.95; water pump pulley: $79.99; hose clamps: $3; 5 blade fan: $79; fan clutch: $279; speedo cable: $23.99; diff oil additive: $9.95; diff oil: $19.95; trans oil: $18.95; Conv. oil: $14.95; oil filter: $5.99; waste disposal: $3.50; sales tax: $68.73 $835.99
December-03-2016 West Valley Service Center Oil Change $21.75
October-24-2017 West Valley Service Center Tune Up, tune up parts $285.14
November-17-2017 Gil's Muffler Shop Exhaust System $792.75
November-20-2017 Eckler's Key Blank, quantity: three $20.76
April-27-2018 Automotive Classics Tune up, Plugs, Wires, Valve Cover Gasket, Header Gasket, Fuel Filter, Fuel Pump $986.29
July-12-2018 Automotive Classics R&R Heater core, Thermostat. $632.63
Total:   $35,273.81

Fuel Cost
I've kept a log of every fill-up, at least those after the odometer was repaired; it wouldn't have made sense to record them with the odometer not functioning. As of April 21, 2024 I've driven it 21,487 miles. The overall fuel economy is 16.10 MPG. There have been 138 fill ups. With a total fuel cost of $6,589.35, the average gasoline cost is $4.08 per gallon. All fill-ups have been with 91 octane gasoline, the highest grade available in California.